Close your eyes. Listen with the mind's ear.
You just might hear the pipes!

Open since September 1, 2000, Argue-Ment Golf Course is a 9-hole golf/18-hole FootGolf course nestled in some of south-central Wisconsin's prettiest countryside. We are located between Belleville and New Glarus, one mile south of State Highway 69 on Argue Road.

Argue-Ment is built and maintained to provide a high-value golf experience at a very affordable price:
  • We believe a golf course should drape on the natural landscape the way a favorite golf sweater drapes on the shoulders.
  • Five sets of tees allow an enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels. 
  • We space our tee times at 12 minute intervals, recognizing that we will have players of varying skills on the course at all times. 
  • Our club house is basic--check-in desk, restrooms, a modest inventory of basic golf supplies, snack foods and soft drinks.
  • You may bring your own food and beverages. (Adult beverages require adult behavior!) Ask us for a recommendation to one of the many excellent dining facilities in New Glarus, Belleville, or Monticello. We also offer a picnic shelter that can be reserved for group or individual outings.
  • Power carts are available, though the course is readily walkable!
  •  We rent full and partial sets of adult clubs. (Children's clubs for ages 3 to 12 are available free of charge.)
  • A grass tee practice area and a large practice green area are adjacent to the #1 tee.
  • We offer an 18 hole AFGL-certified FootGolf Course that is integrated into our 9-hole golf course. Haven't heard of FootGolf? Watch the video below, and then find out more information about our FootGolf course here!


Abili-tees:  Know your personal yardage goals!

(A little advice from course designer and co-owner Mark Renner:)

Play from tees that allow you to hit irons onto the greens.

We have noticed that most casual golfers overestimate their ability, based on the mistaken notion that it isn't "manly" to play a shorter tee, or that it somehow breaks the rules to play from a forward tee. Yes, long golf course tees are a challenge. However, it is not much fun to struggle on every hole and lose balls because of over-swinging. (We see that a lot at Argue-Ment.)

Experiment.  Try playing the course from a tee that will allow you to shoot par. Keep moving forward until you get there, even if you have to tee it up ahead of the most forward tee. Once you have built the skills to do that you can begin to lengthen your course of play by moving to a more challenging tee. Golf is the only game that encourages you to play at a level that is fun and competitive across skill levels because of the different tee lengths and the handicap system. You are cheating yourself, not the game, when you frustrate yourself by playing to your ego rather than toward building on your current skill.

Our "way back" tees will give your USGA Handicap game all it can handle, with an emphasis on shotmaking skill, accuracy, and course management. Standard, executive and forward tees are available for less challenging rounds. ("Family" tees for your little ones and beginners.) Children are always welcome under proper supervision of adults. We do not charge for non golfing riders or walkers. Sooner or later they will be bitten by the bug and then we have them!
Course design notes

Our course is not the typical American park-style course. We follow a more European vision of minimal irrigation, naturalized "waste areas," and small greens with lots of movement...less is more. The course changes with the seasonal rains, forcing the golfer to adapt. Visitors from Scotland have told us, "It feels like home."

Course design, construction and maintenance is undertaken by the owners, extended family and friends. Bent-grass greens, bluegrass and fescue fairways and tees are used throughout. It is--and always will be--a work of love in progress (both of the land and the game). We minimize pesticide and herbicide to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the course without fear of risk. 

The course is currently nine holes, unused portions farmed in a corn/soybean rotation, or left fallow in tall grasses. There is room for 18. We wrestle with the notion of expansion. Can it be done without violating the core simplicity of what we are attempting to accomplish? Can we continue to provide family affordable golf if we do so? Some tell us that 9 holes isn't really a golf course. Some think of home built, country tracks as "pitch and putt" sites. Usually those same people come into the clubhouse muttering, "This place was way more than I expected."


  Our reason for being

 "The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world and those who dwell therein. For it was he who founded it upon the seas and planted it firm upon the waters beneath." (From the Book of Psalms of the Bible, chapter 24)

A round of golf can be a metaphor for living. As with life, golf is not easy. We come to a point in our lives with tools and skills to do the best we can. Sometimes it is in competition. Sometimes it is solitary pursuit of excellence. Sometimes it is to renew the self or a relationship. The experience is always transient. Over time, we discover both limits and successes. No experiences are repeatable, except in flawed memory. We discover that we are not in control of everything, even when we are good at some things.

We have borrowed these acres for part of a lifetime. What we have done with them, in framing their use as a golf course, we hope will be a source of celebration of God’s  goodness. What you do with them, during your round, we hope will be a celebration of companionship, competition, skill building, self awareness, and the joy of personal achievement. In that way, on this golf course anyway, God’s name may be invoked in wonder and praise on occasion, rather than always in frustration.

We invite you and your whole family to celebrate the game of golf and the beauty of the land with us at this special place in God's creation. Swing easy...

                                                                              Argue-Ment Golf Course
 N9603 Argue Road
 New Glarus, Wisconsin 53574
 (608) 527-6366


N9603 Argue Road
New Glarus, WI 53574

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Can YOU play the Argue-Ment with just one ball? Each month we invite our players to attempt to play our 9-hole course using just one golf ball. Our naturalized layout makes succeeding at this a challenge, requiring careful playing and strategy.

Visit us and take the challenge. All who succeed get entered in a monthly drawing to win a fun prize! 


Honor the land and the game!

Some quotes from the field:

"Golf should be a lifelong challenge of a walk through an attractive, natural landscape, and not a giggling drive through an over designed and manicured, artificial grass nursery...Golf should not be fair, should test character as well as skill, and continue to put all the responsibility of play on the shoulders of golfers."
 (From "Keepers of the Game," as quoted in Golf Magazine).

*   *   *  

"We tend to think of nine-hole golfers as...well, bad...or old—or both. But many of today's great golfers love to get away and play a quick nine holes. We need to truly embrace nine-hole golf as a solid, equally respected alternative for a significant portion of our population, especially in today's time starved society." 
(LPGA Player, World Golf Hall of Fame member, and TV Golf Color commentator, Judy Rankin, from her 2011 GIS Keynote address, as quoted in Golfdom Magazine)

*   *   *  

"Golf, in America, is too expensive. We ought to be making golf more affordable and mobilizing to bring as many different types of people as possible into the game not making it even more of a rich man¹s private game. Golf is the most democratic game on this earth. And something very precious will be lost if the day comes when it¹s no longer so."
(Sandy Tatum, Former USGA President)

Some comments from our golfers:

 "I really enjoyed your course. It possessed true character that all to often eludes our newer, bigger, more modern courses. The par 4 'County Line' was by far the highlight for me. Appropriately named, I must add. Like I said before, it was raining and very foggy, which always adds a cool visual element to a course. However that hole, on that day, made such a huge impression me. Just such a good looking hole, visually beautiful. It had the feeling of a great US Open styled hole, American golf, big, epic.  It had an old classic feel to it, looked old, like it had always been there." ~ BDR

*   *   *  

"I played your course for the first time tonight. I didn't know what to expect when I decided on a whim to give it a try. I was extremely impressed by the beautiful landscape and challenging course. The small sloping greens require more strategy to approach than your typical course, and the length, elevation changes, and subtle doglegs were pleasant surprises. It was a refreshing round of golf for me compared to the over-manicured, over-priced courses I typically play. I found your website when I got home, and I have to say you did a good job of implementing your philosophy of honoring the land. I will be back."   ~ MT


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